Saving log + debug information

The YoYottaID log shows information about recent backups
The log can be saved along with extra information that can be useful for troubleshooting

YoYottaID log

Click the ! at the bottom to open the YoYottaID log panel. This shows a summary of recent activity.

Saving log + debug

Click Send log... Turn on Include debug and choose the correct time period and click Confirm. This will save the log along with system debug information to the Desktop and then email this file to support@yoyotta.com

Sending Crash Reports

If Send Error Logs is turned on in Preferences then your Mac will send us crash reports. (Assuming the Mac has an internet connection)
To manually send the report, open the Apple Console app. Click on User Reports on the left. Then select a YoYottaID crash file, right click or ctrl click on the file and Reveal in Finder. Send us a copy of any reports.

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