Backing of macOS systems disks

System or boot volumes contain lots of small files, links, devices and caches which will not copy to LTFS tape or disk. In addition the backup cannot be restored as a bootable volume.
Ideally all your projects, documents and data should be stored on a separate disk volume. This can be backed up to LTFS along with project media.
Then you can use Time Machine and/or create a disk image for your system disk backup.
This way if you have a problem with the computer or need to change computers it will be very easy to start working quickly as all your creative data will be stored independently.
You need a special app to create a disk image from a system disk.
There is an app called SuperDuper which can do this from a system disk.
First create a sparse bundle using SuperDuper on a local drive or RAID and then backup the bundle.
This can be restored and then SuperDuper can recreate a bootable system disk.
Alternatively use Time Machine for your system disk backup.
If you do need to backup folders with Applications with YoYotta then turn off Copy Linked files and folders in the Preferences panel.
When backing up photo libraries like Photos, Lightroom or Aperture, turn off Extract Metadata and Make Thumbnails before adding the folder.
With photo libraries we don't recommend doing an incremental backup, best to use SuperDuper to do this.

Creating a sparse bundle

First purchase and download SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket Software.
Select the source volume on the left and then select Disk Image... on the right.
After testing please purchase a license to support the developer.

Choose a location for the bundle

Select a local drive or RAID. Make sure Read/Write "Sparse" Bundle is selected. This will create a special bundle file that will contain lots of 8MB bands that can be efficiently copied to LTFS.

Backup the bundle to tape

In the Edit Paths... panel add the date token to the path to keep your bundles separated.

Backup completed

Keep this bundle locally on a drive as you can run SuperDuper again to update this on a regular basis.
Then you can backup the new bundle to tape.

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