Queuing copies

Sometimes it makes sense to make a copy, then queue a job copying that to a second destination
If copying multiple sources to tape then YoYotta LTFS will always use a queue.
If copying multiple sources to a single drive, then using a queue is fastest.

Add a source

The source is a Sony SRMemory card. The destination path is set to include the project name and the date.
The destination is into a folder called Backups on RAID1. Start the copy.

Add the copy as a source

Now add the RAID1 Backups folder as a source and clear the folders from the destination path. The folders will already be inside the Backups folder, so there is no need to add them again.

Start the second copy

RAID1 is already in use, so YoYotta asks if we want to Add to a Queue or Copy Now. If the source files were independent from the first copy we could Copy Now or wait and add to the queue.

Add to Queue

The files from the camera card have not finished copying so we must click Add to Queue.

Copy starts automatically

When the first copy is complete YoYotta will index the RAID1 Backups folder, locate the new files and start the new copy

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