Conform workflow

Store project EDL + ALE editorial timelines

Easy drop in of new conforms

Send conforms requests to editorial

Secure drop page for EDL + ALE

Validate + view conforms

Sync active conforms to Mac

Syncing requires at least one YoYotta Mac license with the Conform option

Conform workflow

Conforms page

  • Log in to a project
  • Select Conforms in the Server sidebar

Add an EDL

There are three ways to add conforms to the project.

  • Drag and drop EDL or ALE files from the Finder into the Conforms table
  • Drag and drop a folder of conform files into the table
  • Click the + button in the table header
Select a conform to view and check the edits.
In the Conforms table menu there are options to move conforms to a different project.
Also to export and delete conforms.
All the active conforms will sync to the YoYotta Mac client.

Sync to YoYotta Mac client

Check that the YoYotta Mac client is logged into the server, open the Conform panel and turn on YoYotta Server Sync..
The active conforms will appear on the Mac and will update as new conforms are added or removed from the server.
In this example the wrong EDL has been added so YoYotta cannot match any edits with clips.

Disable conforms

Active conforms will sync to Mac clients. There are two ways to toggle the conform's Active flag.

  • Alt/option click on the Active table cell
  • Select the cell and click the edit button in the table toolbar
Alternatively delete the conform by selecting it and using the Conforms menu.

Request new conforms

A new conform is needed as the last one was incorrect. A conform request link can be generated and sent to the editor or producer. When received they can securely drop new conforms into the project.

  • Click Requests in the Conforms sidebar
  • Click + to add a new request
  • Change the name if required
  • Add a note to explain what conforms are required

Copy or email a link

A link can be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into a message, or YoYotta Server can send the link via email.

  • Click Copy Link to copy to clipboard
  • Click Email and add the editors email
Optionally add a link expiry date. After this time the link will no longer be valid.

Click the request link

A secure upload page will be shown, the editor does not need to log in and cannot access your projects.

Drop in conforms

The editor can drop or add new conforms which are validated in the browser.
Corrupt or illegal files will not be uploaded.

Send the conforms

  • Click Send
  • Add a name and notes to assist the conform
  • Click Send

Conforms uploaded

The request link can be used again to send more conforms, unless an expiry has been set.

Check and activate the new conforms

Conforms that are dropped in remotely will not be active. The person making the request will receive an email when the editor has added some conforms. They can log in to the YoYotta Server, check the new conforms and activate them.

Restore the footage

The new active conforms will sync to the Mac client. Then the required clips can be restored.

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