YoYotta Server Setup

The server is accessed using a web browser, Safari or Chrome are recommended browsers.

Creating the initial admin user

YoYotta will send a signup link, for security this first link will only work with the matching email.
Contact YoYotta Support if you need to change the email.
Enter the signup email and a new password.

After login you can create additional Admin + Staff users using other email addresses.

Login to the server

Creating a staff account

Admin users can access all projects, so it's best to create a staff account. Staff accounts have controlled access to collections of projects.
Setup staff logins for each staff member. Then they can login to the Server from the YoYotta Mac app to sync project metadata.
Select Admin in the sidebar, go to Users and click the + button.

Add a user

  • Staff Read + write access to selected Collections of projects

  • Admin Admin users can create new Collections and access all projects.

Enter the user name, company and email address.

Invite created

Copy the invite link and send it to the member of staff

User login created

When they use the invite they will become an Active user.

Creating a collection

Projects are grouped together in collections. Collections might be named after clients or types of work. There must be at least one Collection.
Go to Library in the sidebar and select Collections.
Then click the + button. Admin users can create and delete projects in this collection, this can be set to All Staff or Named Users.
By default All Staff can read and write projects this can also be limited to named staff.

Now create a new project

Select a collection and click the + button. Enter a project name.
Also set the project frame rate. This allows YoYotta to flag clips that are off-speed, this can be changed later

Project created

Select the project and click Open

Empty project

PROJECT Y is now open showing no sources

YoYotta server login

The Mac must be running YoYotta v3 (141) or newer
Log in to the Server using the staff account email and password.

Open the Project

Open the Project Browser, open projects and select the Collection and then select and open the Project.

Test Project sync

Drop in a new job and open the Source Browser. Click Store Index. The project will be synced to the YoYotta Server. Open the same project on another YoYotta Mac and see the new index.

Check Project on Server

Select the new index in the source table.

How to sync existing collections to server

Select the local collection
Click Edit and turn on Sync
Click OK
Now open each project to sync it to the server
Check that all the snapshots are online in the Server, then repeat this for each project.

A quick way to open a project is by double clicking the name

Now see how to sync projects...

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