YoYotta builds

Check destination Tokens + Report settings, presets will need to be recreated. Check that the base token is included in the job destination path.

v4 (16)

YoYotta : Disable thumbnails option available on Source Browser Reports page and in Project Browser exports popup. When turned on there will not be any thumbnails in PDF job reports
YoYotta : Fix decoding Canon C70 metadata
YoYotta Library : Fix sort of slot table

v4 (11)

YoYotta : Fix bug affecting visibility of local collections in Project Browser.

v4 (10)

YoYotta : Fix bug parsing MD5 + MHL on 3rd party LTFS tapes

v4 (9)

YoYotta : New MD5 report option with path followed the pipe character then the checksum
YoYotta : Filter for video + audio files in Source + Project Browsers

v4 (8)

YoYotta : Support file ACL permissions when indexing
YoYotta Library : Support Dell tape libraries

v4 (6)

YoYotta : Parse ARRI MXF reel name

v4 (5)

YoYotta : Bug fix for Venice thumbnail generation

v4 (4)

YoYotta : Bug fix for Presets
YoYotta Conform : Trim FX6 Intra MXF clips

v4 (3)

YoYotta : Support for Codex ARRIRAW MXF HDE
YoYotta : Support for Sony Venice 2 2023 firmware
YoYotta Conform : Support for trimming Codex ARRIRAW MXF HDE

v4 (1)

YoYotta : Support for up to 8 LTO drives