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When copying with the Finder to shared storage, new files will only have read + write permissions for the current user.
When copying with YoYottaID you can choose User, but it may be easier to choose Group or Everyone.
Group or Everyone will allow other users to read, write and delete the files copied to shared storage.
This only applies to new files created by YoYottaID. Files on the source must be readable and YoYotta will warn if the permissions for any source files are preventing access. Use the Finder to change permissions, then reindex the source by clicking the refresh button above the Job table.


Copy linked files and folders Links are a way for applications to reference files that are in another place on your storage. When a source with links is indexed LNK will be shown in the file type table. If there are linked files in the source then normally YoYottaID will create the same links on the destination. So the material will not be part of the archive. Then when the archive is restored the links will point back to the original material.
Turn on Copy linked files and folders to copy the linked files. After turning this on refresh the source and YoYottaID will reindex and the size of the source will increase. The archive will then be self contained.

Split image sequences Images sequences consist of sequentially numbered frames like DPX or EXR. When copying a folder with a sequence YoYottaID will not split up the sequence. So if a destination does not have enough space then YoYottaID will copy the entire sequence to the next tape or drive listed as a destination.
If the sequence is large, like 90 minutes of 4K DPX this may be more than will fit on a drive or tape.
To allow this to be archived set a number of frames (for example 10000) and turn on Split image sequences. Now YoYottaID will try to fit as many 10,000 frame parts, moving on when the destination is full.
The minimum is 5000 frames.
If you have already indexed a source then after turning this on or changing the number of frames click the refresh above the Job table.
Note that this does not change the folder structure on the destination.


Source verify is a double check of the source files read about it here.

YoYottaID reads back all files to verify them.
You should let this complete before erasing the camera card, deleting the source material or returning the drive.
Quick Verify disables this full verify.
Quick Verify cannot be used when spanning tapes.
More details about verifying.


Read about error logs, release and beta software versions here.


By default YoYottaID will store image thumbnails in a YoYottaCache folder in Documents. If needed they can be stored on another volume.

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