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The latest ALEXA cameras include the new ALEXA XR module developed by Codex. This allow onboard recording of ARRIRAW at speed of up to 120FPS to XR Capture drives. The 450GB drives can also be formatted to enable ProRes recording. SxS cards can be used with an adaptor. Then use YoYotta to ingest with this Codex USB3 dock.

REDMAG for RED cameras

This compact reader connects using USB3 to quickly import R3D files from REDMAG cards. The REDMAG cards are available in various sizes up to 512GB.

Sony F65

Record 2K or 4K Raw or HD SStP to SRMemory and use either the USB3 SR-D1 or the Ethernet SR-PC4. We recommend the SR-D1, while it's a bit slower than the SR-PC4 it's much easier to use. The SRMemory cards come in 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB capacities. Note that to record high frame rates you may need cards with a faster write rate.

Sony F5 and F55 Raw

Add the AXS-R5 recorder to the F5 or F55 to enable raw recording. This recorder uses 512GB AXSM memory cards. Then use the AXS-CR1 reader via USB3 to quickly import raw footage media recorded on AXSM cards. If you are shooting 4K then use this to capture raw rather than XAVC. That way you keep the full 16 bit range from the Sony sensor, it's quick to process and the files aren't a lot larger

Sony F5 and F55 SxS

The F5/F55 cameras have an onboard recorder that uses SxS PRO+ cards with 64GB or 128GB capacity. The F5 and F55 can record HD in MPEG2, SStP or XAVC codecs. The F55 can also record 2K and 4K in XAVC. Use this SBAC-US20 USB3 reader to quickly import SxS PRO+ cards.

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