Indexing LTFS tapes

After a job completes, the database is updated with information about the files that have been copied and verified.
However you can also index LTFS tapes and add then to the database without copying them.

v2 v3

Add tape

Put the tape into the drive, click the + button, select the tape and click Add Selected.

Open Source Browser

Click the folder button above the Job table to open the Source Browser.


The tape will be automatically mounted and indexed. The current Collection and Project are show in the top left. Click to open the Collection + Project panel.

Open an existing project

Projects are grouped together in Collections. Select a Collection, then select and open an existing project.

Or Add a new project

Select an existing Collection or create a new Collection by clicking + and entering a Collection name.
Collections names could be clients, years, type of work or just have one collection for all projects.

Then click + to create a new Project. Enter the new project name, select the project frame rate (this is used when displaying project durations) and click OK.

Store Index

Click the Store Index button to store an index or snapshot of files.

Assets in database

A browsable index of all source files has been stored in the Project Browser. In the Browser you can export ALE, CSV, MD5, MHL and PDF reports for all assets.

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