Saving log + debug information

The YoYotta log shows information about recent jobs
The log can be saved along with crash reports and debug information that can be useful for troubleshooting
Up to seven days of debug information can be included

YoYotta log

Click the at the bottom to open the YoYotta log panel. This shows a summary of activity since the app was started.


Source Open Problem (5, 'Input/output error') opening file /Volumes/SHUTTLE_DRIVE_07/Day_1/Video_Files/A001C007/A001C007_230813HJ.mxf

There was a problem opening a file on a SOURCE drive.
The drive name is shown after /Volumes, so in this case it's SHUTTLE_DRIVE_07.
Try re-mounting the drive and then check that you can see the file in the Finder.
Then refresh the job and click start, YoYotta will resume the transfer.

Errors and warnings

YoYotta uses standard calls to macOS to read and write files so in theory there will never be any problems.
However hardware devices can have issues and then read or writes can fail.
When this happens the device driver will send an error to macOS whcih will pass this on to YoYotta.
Here are some common causes.
Drives can be accidentally disconnected or powered off.
Network connections to NAS systems can fail.
Device can unmount themselves.
File systems can get corrupted.
Also whilst reading and writing YoYotta will calculate checksums, if these do not match the original checksum then a warning message will be shown.
When this happens if it's critical then YoYotta will stop the job and show an error message.
If YoYotta can continue, then a warning message will be shown.

Saving log with debug

Click Save log... Turn on Include debug and choose a time period that covers any issues and click Confirm.
This will zip up and save the log along with crash reports and system debug information to the Desktop. When complete please email the zip file to
It can be useful to send screen shots of your job setup and any error messages.

Note that to be able to include system debug the Mac user must be an administrator. Turn on Allow user to administer this computer in System Preferences, Users & Groups.

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