YoYotta automatically extracts camera metadata

Additional metadata can be added manually or imported from ALE and CSV files

Camera metadata

Add a camera card or a source drive and YoYotta extracts metadata from each clip. Open the Source Browser to view the metadata.
Ensure Extract metadata is turned on in Preferences


Click on the Metadata tab in the Source Browser and select a clip. Project, Media, Source and Clip Metadata can be added or modified. Double click or press the enter key to open the value filed for each key.

Or click the Load metadata from ALE/CSV button to add metadata from ALE or CSV files.
YoYotta will look for these column header names. The case (upper or lower) is not important and there can be spaces in the header names.
To add more metadata to existing clips export CSV or ALE files using the Project Browser. Then add extra columns.

  • Project
    • Production
    • Vendor
  • Source
    • Season
    • Episode
    • ShootDay
    • ShootDate
    • TransferDate
  • Clip
    • Scene
    • Take

Imported metadata

In the Source table the Season, Episode, Shoot day and Shoot date have been imported. Along with the scene and take information for each clip.
The green dot in the Status column shows that metadata has been imported for that clip.
Now start the job, when complete the job will be stored in the Project Browser and reports will be generated. Alternatively click the Store Index button to store an INDEX now.

Project metadata

The Production and Vendor metadata is also shown in the Collection + Project panel.

Manually creating a report

Open the Project Browser. See that the Source metadata is shown in the table. It is possible to search for matching metadata. Select a job and click the PDF button in the Export panel to create a job report.
CSV and other report formats can be exported.

PDF report

The header shows the production, vendor, shoot day, shoot date and transfer date metadata. Each clip has Scene and Take metadata.

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