Restoring TAR tapes

TAR is an older method for storing files on tape, often used when archiving using a Linux or Cache-A system
YoYotta LTFS and Automation can read existing TAR archives from LTO-1 to LTO-8 drives

Some tapes described as TAR are proprietary and cannot be read.
LTFS jobs cannot be run whilst restoring TAR tapes.

Load the tape

When the tape is loaded into the LTO drive YoYotta will think that it is blank. Ignore the format panel and open the LTFS panel. Then click on the cogwheel in the bottom right.

TAR Restore

Now click the Drive 1 button to restore the tape. Then choose a location, YoYotta will restore all the files from the tape to that location. If you have multiple drives you can start several TAR restores.

The TAR restore cannot be interrupted, all files on the tape will be restored.

YoYotta uses common TAR block and record sizes to auto detect the format. If the restore does not work, then turn on the TAR test button and try again. This will try more block sizes. If this still does not work, then the tape is probably not a TAR tape and might be some proprietary format.

Restore complete

While restoring you will see status in the YoYotta log panel. When complete the files will be in the restore folder ready for use. You can use YoYotta to copy them back to an LTFS tape.

macOS System Security

The first time you read TAR tapes with YoYotta on a new system, you will need to approve YoYotta System Software. Also new installs of system software from ATTO, OSXFUSE (developer is Benjamin Fleischer) and other drivers may need approval.
You will see a message saying System Extension Blocked
Open the Security & Privacy page in Apple System Preferences, unlock the padlock and click Allow to enable the System software to load.

You must click the Allow button directly on the Mac, clicking using remote screen sharing will not work.
If the Allow button is not shown then reboot your Mac, try again to use a TAR tape (which will fail) and then check the Security & Privacy page again.
Also ensure that you have the latest macOS 10.13.6, 10.14.6 or 10.15

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