S3 object storage workflow

Secure storage of S3 access keys

Upload files to an S3 bucket with verification

List S3 bucket contents and select files

Download files from S3 bucket

Support for AWS, Backblaze and Wasabi S3 cloud storage
Directly uploading from tape or downloading to tape is not recommended.
Any bandwidth limitations will cause the tape drive to over or under-run.
Use local storage and create two jobs on YoYotta

Backblaze Buckets created prior to May 4th, 2020 are not S3 Compatible.
Requires YoYotta Server subscription and at least one license of YoYotta v3 (169) or newer. Mac with macOS 10.15.7 or newer.

Secure storage of S3 access keys

Manage S3 access keys

Log in to the YoYotta Server as an admin user.
Then select Admin, Objects in the sidebar.
All the S3 access keys will be listed.

Add a new key

Enter a name as a reference
Enter the access and secret keys.
For Backblaze and Wasabi enter the bucket endpoint. This is not needed for AWS S3 storage.

Activate required keys

There are two ways to toggle the key's Active flag.

  • Alt click in the cell
  • Select the cell and click the edit button in the table toolbar

The YoYotta Mac client has to log into the server and will only see active keys.
Keys are secure, as they are never stored and cannot be viewed on the Mac.

Upload files to S3 buckets with verification

Choose the upload bucket

Here the active buckets are listed.
Choose a bucket

Check the paths

Click on Edit Path... to set the required destination paths.

Set the Upload speed

Open the Server setup panel and click the S3 button.
Set the maximum transfer speed. Limiting the speed is a good idea if the internet connection is shared.

Start the upload

The upload progress is shown. The speeds are bits per second. Divide by 8 to get bytes per second.

Upload completed

List S3 buckets contents and select files

Select a bucket

Click Add Selected

View bucket contents in Source Browser

Download files from S3 bucket

Select and add a source bucket as shown above.
Add a destination.

Start the download

All file downloaded

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