v3 license support

YoYotta v4 was released in April 2023 and is available on subscription
YoYotta v3 licenses will not expire and email support is available. However there will be no further updates.
v3 licenses can be traded in for a discount against v4 subscriptions. Contact support@yoyotta.com for a quotation.

Download v3

LTFS issues with macOS Ventura or Sonoma ?

YoYotta v4 has full support for the latest macOS versions.
YoYotta v4 includes a new LTFS framework with support for all makes and generations of LTO drives.
Open the LTFS panel and click Install when prompted.

If running v3 contact support@yoyotta.com to find out how to trade in your license for credit against a YoYotta v4 subscription.

Source Browser

Faster source indexing
Automatic detection and display of camera rolls
Thumbnail and metadata display
Browse by file type, roll or folder
Tab view showing Source, Metadata and Destination settings.
The Edit paths button will open the new Destination tab.
Destination settings include path tokens and configuration of ALE, CSV, MD5, MHL and PDF reports
Easy to create and select a new project for each job
New collections allow grouping of related projects
A new job will have all files selected with a green tag.
Choose which files will be in the job by adding or removing files or folders using the + and - buttons
Then update the job with any changes. Or create a new job with these files.
During the copy the source browser shows copy and verification status for each file.
As each file is copied the status goes yellow, then green after verification.
By default in Destination paths the base token is not shown. Now the top folder is always included, but not the volume name. If required you can click Edit Paths and manually add the volume or base tokens.

New checksums plus faster verify

YoYotta creates both MD5 and xxHash checksums simultaneously
Every job will have both industry standard MD5 and xxHash checksums, the optional CSV and MHL reports will contain both checksums.
If there is an MHL file in a source folder on a drive then YoYotta will automatically use this as an additional checksum.
v3 performs greatly accelerated verification speeds, ideal when working with fast storage like Thunderbolt 3 RAID units

Project Browser

All new database that stores metadata about every file in a project

Browse the complete folder structure of offline drives and tapes
Each snapshot in the media table is labeled as a manual Index, a Source or a Copy.
Create ALE, CSV, MD5, MHL and PDF metadata reports
Organise Projects into Collections
Collections names could be clients, years, type of work or just have one collection for all projects.
Restore entire jobs, selected folders or individual files

YoYotta videos

YoYotta software is always being updated, when changes are made the web support pages are also updated.
So after watching a video it is a good idea to read any related support pages

YoYotta Server

YoYotta Server provides a web view of your projects. YoYotta systems connect to a private cloud server and sync project metadata. This allows the workflow for large projects to be split across multiple systems in different locations.
YoYotta Server also manages S3 object storage access keys. This enables connected YoYotta Mac clients to upload and download files to cloud storage.
The Server is available for an annual subscription, contact support@yoyotta.com for further details.

Getting started with v3

The Transcode option along with macOS 10.13+ supports encoding to HEVC.
Dark Mode is supported with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Projects are stored inside Collections.
Create Collections for each client, year, type of work or just keep all your projects in one collection.
To get started open the Project Browser or add a source and open the Source Browser.
Then add a new Collection and a new Project.

Collections and Projects are stored in /Users/Shared/YoYotta
v3 stores snapshots for every file, plus a lot more metadata, so we suggest running on an SSD Mac

How to migrate projects from v2 to v3 or v4

v3 + v4 use a new project format, if you only have a few tapes and drives, then it's quick to reindex them.
This is best as YoYotta now includes every file in the stored snapshot, whereas v2 only indexed common video, audio and metadata files.

Indexing drives
Indexing tapes

Or follow these instructions to import v2 projects into v3

Download v3

Requires macOS 10.13 or newer

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