Exporting and importing project metadata snapshots

Export archive of all projects

Moving projects and presets to a new computer

Export project metadata snapshots

Open the Project Browser, open a project and select some or all of the snapshots. Click on the gear button in the buttom left to open Export reports. Turn on Summarise sequences and Extra detail and turn off other settings. Then click CSV to export a CSV file.

Now this CSV snapshot can be dropped into a new project on the same or on a different computer. See Import project metadata snapshots below...

The summarised CSV snapshot contains enough information to allow restores to be run from a different YoYotta system. To automatically sync projects between multiple YoYotta systems we would recommend using YoYotta Server

CSV snapshots can also be dropped into Numbers or Excel to make a spreadsheet.

Import project metadata snapshots

Open an existing or create a new project.
Drag and drop the CSV snapshot(s) onto the job table.
Or drag and drop the CSV snapshot onto the YoYotta app icon in the Dock.
The Source Browser will open, select a Collection and select or create a Project and click Store Index.

Export archive of all projects

In the File menu choose Export... then YoYotta Archive.
Choose a location to save the file.
Then if you need to restore it, quit YoYotta, unzip the archive and drop the YoProjects folder into the /Users/Shared/YoYotta folder.
This will replace all the existing projects on the computer.

Moving projects to a new computer

Quit YoYotta on the old computer.
Run YoYotta once on the new computer and then quit YoYotta.
Copy the YoProjects folder from the old computer to the new computer. Open the Finder to /Users/Shared/YoYotta and replace the existing YoProjects folder.

This will replace all the existing projects on the new computer.
To merge projects from one computer to another, export required projects and import them as shown above.

Backup project metadata

Export a YoYotta Archive as shown in the previous section. Or run Time Machine and include the folder /Users/Shared/YoYotta/YoProjects.

Moving presets to a new computer

In Finder Go menu select Go to Folder... and enter ~/Library/Application Support/YoYotta/Presets
Copy the required plist preset files into the same folder on the new Mac.

Finally open the Preferences panel and manually set the same preferences.
Do not copy any other Application Support files or folders.

Import v2 projects

v4 and v3 use a different project format from v2, if you only have a few tapes and drives, then it's quick to reindex them.
This is best as v4/v3 projects include every file in the stored snapshot, whereas v2 only indexed common video, audio and metadata files.

Indexing drives
Indexing tapes

Otherwise export your v2 projects and import them into v4/v3.
Run v2 (608) or newer and follow these instructions to Export All Projects.
Run v4 and then import project assets as shown in previous section.

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