Adding Destinations

Create single or multiple copy jobs complete with reports

Add a destination

Mounted drives and volumes will be shown in the Destination panel.
Click Add COPY #1 or Choose Other... if the destination or folder required is not in the table.

Ready to copy

Now YoYotta is ready to copy to RAID1, the original source folder stricture will be kept. Plus the project, date and volume name will be included.

Edit Paths

To change the destination paths click the Edit Paths, then click Edit Paths again to open the Source Browser.
Folders can be automatically added to each file path when copying to each destination.
Here the tokens project, date and volume will be replaced with Demo_drives, 20190102 and CFAST_027. You can choose a different date using the calendar.
YoYotta creates reports when a copy job completes. You can select ALE for Avid, CSV for use with a spreadsheet, MD5 which has all the file checksums, MHL which is an XML formatted report and a PDF with full metadata. The reports can be stored on a local drive and also saved to the destination.
Destination reports are normally saved at the top level or Base of the destination drive or tape. If you select End then the reports will be created inside the destination folder. You can also choose for the reports to be inside a YoYotta_Reports folder. Choose this option is writing multiple sessions to a tape as each report will be kept separate.
Add one or more email addresses separated by commas to receive PDF reports. If there is a problem during the copy or verification you will get an email and no reports will be generated.

Save paths as a Preset

As a shortcut the path structure can be saved as a preset. The preset can then be chosen from the Edit Paths menu.

Enter a preset name

After typing in the name and press Enter to save the preset.

Create duplicate copies

Here the source material will be copied in parallel to DATA3 and DATA5. If you have multiple LTO drives you can create multiple tape copies. If you have just one tape drive then you will need to repeat the job with a new tape. You can also make hard drive and tape copies in parallel.

Two duplicate copies

COPY #1 will use DATA3 and COPY #2 will use DATA5. When complete both drives will contain the same files.

Spanning copy

Copy a large source by spanning across multiple drives or tapes. This job will make just one copy and will use DATA3 until it is full, then it will use DATA5.

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