YoYotta v4 pricing

Pay for a 12 month subscription in EUR, GBP or USD.
1 month to 5 year subscriptions are also available.
Prices exclude EU VAT or other local taxes.
Contact support@yoyotta.com to purchase a v4 subscription or trade in existing v3 licenses.
Please let us know your country and the options required.
If based in EU, please send the company name and VAT number.

Subscription information

A YoYotta license can be installed on one Mac computer at a time.
You can uninstall the license from one Mac and install it on a different Mac as often as required.
An internet connection is required during the license transfer process.
Once your Mac is licensed, it no longer requires an internet connection. This allows you to work seamlessly without worrying about connectivity issues.

There is no automatic renewal. When a subscription expires the YoYotta app can still be used to browse project snapshots and export reports.
To run new jobs the user will need to purchase a new YoYotta subscription.

The demo license includes access to all options and features, allowing a full evaluation using your hardware.
Before purchasing please set up a YoYotta account, request a demo and test your workflow.
Download a demo

More details about options in the 'YoYotta v4 What's New' video on our YouTube channel.
YoYotta YouTube channel

Prices shown are for a single software license, this is subject to change and excludes local taxes.
A Mac running macOS 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.15 is required.
v3 licenses won't expire and we still provide support, however there are no more v3 updates.

Contact support@yoyotta.com to purchase a v4 subscription or trade in an existing v3 license.

Conform, LTO drive and Library support are additional options.
All prices for a 12 month subscription, contact support@yoyotta.com for short term pricing.

Add options to control LTO tape drives and libraries. All prices for a 12 month subscription

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